Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Review

Marvel has never disappointed and judging from the Avengers: Infinity War trailer released at the end of last year they are not about to start. In the trailer we see Thanos arriving in New York City, some of our favourite heroes and heroines seemingly fall off their pedestal and possibly, the climactic battle for the universe takes place in Wakanda. The crossover seems to be the ultimate showdown that has been complemented by a ten-year cinematic journey. The trailer has debuted new characters, new looks and most importantly new information about the Marvel universe, and at the same time raised some burning questions. While this review might not give all the information down to the detail, here are some of the things you should expect.

The change in costumes

In the course of the trailer, it’s obvious that some characters have upgraded their looks. Vision, in the trailer, seems to have switched from synthezoid to human using the infinity stone. Peter Parker seems to have taken Tony’s offer and embraced the Spider Iron suit. The costume looks like a crossover between the comics and the Ben Reilly’s saga near the end of the Clone Saga. If this does not make sense, you have some catching up to do. The new costume links Spiderman: Homecoming, by the way, they can still put in the clone saga reference in the movie, and we will still be excited about it. That’s the amount of goodwill Spiderman: Homecoming has garnered for Marvel. Since the first footage of the Infinity war, there have been speculations about Captain America’s beard. In the movie Cap may or may not have a beard, but we’ll see. Thor has not exactly changed his look, but the eye patch at the end of Ragnarok can be seen here too.

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New characters

In one of the scenes, The Black Panther seems to be fighting an alien known as the Outrider. A breed of alien trained by Thanos to be assassins. They first debuted in Jim Cheung’s and Jonathan Hickman epic Infinity Crossover. For the very first time, Proxima Midnight has been introduced into Marvel’s cinematic world. Proxima uses a spear which does not miss and kills on contact, which probably makes her one of Thanos’ Black Order. We see the badass fighter throwing the spear at Cap who promptly catches it. She is married to Glaive who is second in command to Thanos and one of the members of Thanos’ the Black Order. Glaive is untouchable as long as his golden arc stands. In the trailer, we see someone forcing the infinity stone out of Vision’s forehead; there is a high chance this is Glaive. The trailer also gives us an insight into some new teams which could only mean one thing; the Avengers characters will be changed.

Thanos and The Gauntlet

Based on the little information we have from the trailer, it is hard to predict his plan, Collect all the infinity stones and use them against the Avengers or for other reasons. In one shot we see Loki handing over the Tesseract to Thanos, from the first Avengers movie, the Tesseract is the space stone. That’s what Loki grabbed at the end of Ragnarok from Odin’s vault. Thanos drops the stone on the gauntlet alongside the power stone. The Mind stone is soon going to be on the gauntlet too which means things could get more interesting than we expect.

The Verdict

In the next two Marvel movies set to be released, there are some characters who will be eliminated, and some tears will be shed as promised by the producers. Despite this significant change bound to happen, they will still be left with a world the audiences knows and loves. They will probably introduce new characters that will have over twenty movies in line. What about Thanos? The resolution is set to be epic, but there is a high chance that Thanos and Avengers will unite to fight judge Arshem.

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