Is this the end of Chris Hemsworth as Thor?

Chris Hemsworth has over the last decade become a household name in movies. Having starred in a number of movies, the actor has made exemplary progress in science fiction. After the signing with Marvel, the writer has managed to achieve extraordinary success as the character Thor. Having gained a great number of fans, it has come as a disappointment that the actor’s role as Thor in Avengers 4 will be his last. This will mark his completion of his contract with Marvel. Upon this revelation, the public, more so his fans have been left to wonder if this will be the end of Marvel’s Thor.

Chris Hemsworth’s Marvel Contract Is Ending with Avengers 4

Avengers 4 is one of the most anticipated movies this 2018. This is owing to the movie sequel’s plot with Thanos as the main villain. The movie promises Thanos being the greatest villain the Avengers have ever faced. This movie in the same breath marks the end of an era in the Marvel universe. With most of the Avenger’s characters facing the potential completion of their roles in Marvel, the movie may very well mark the end of the Avengers. Thor has been one of the main characters in the Avenger’s team and will most definitely be missed if he leaves behind his role as the character Thor.

What’s next?

There has been chatter however following last year’s release in marvels Thor: Ragnarok. being the third in the Thor sequel and predicted to be the last, rumors indicate that Marvel may be thinking of releasing a continuation of the same in Thor 4.whether this will come to be is a wait and see in the not so near future. To the fans, the end of the contract has been a disappointment especially in the characters comments on interview questions. Chris Hemsworth has been quoted stating that his contract is over and he won’t is playing the character again. This has made most fans wonder whether his time with Marvel has not been pleasant hinting at an uninterested Chris Hemsworth. The character can however not be counted out just yet. The actor Robert Downey Jr was also considered having left his work with Marvel as the iron man after the end of his contract. This was however short-lived as he made his appearance back into Marvel in Avengers and holding on to the much-awaited infinity war. The question now burning at the back of most Marvel fans mind is what is next. What is next for Marvel and what can we expect in the coming years now that most of the characters may not be coming back.

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Chris Hemsworth has been a great actor as the character Thor without a doubt. It is difficult to imagine anyone else playing the same role. His contract binding him to six films is now at an end with the release of Avengers: infinity war. His role as the son of Odin and God of thunder may be in its finality but until further notice, this cannot be known for sure. For most Marvel fans, the hope is that Chris Hemsworth’s character stays alive as they face Thanos in the hope that he will reappear in the near future. In case he survives Avengers 4, it is highly likely that we will see Thor again, Chris Hemsworth, however, is another case of wait and see.

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