Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle: Movie Review

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is the second installment of Jumanji, with the first installment having been produced in 1995. Set in the deep jungle, it was written majorly by Chris McKenna and directed by Jake Kasdan. Its release in late 2017 revealed stars such as Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Nick Jonas, Karen Gillan and Bobby Cannavale.

Movie’s Beginning

The movie starts with a teenager receiving a board game that his father had discovered on a beach. Since no one played board games anymore, his father had cast it aside, but it miraculously turns into a video game (that the teenager loves).

The teenager and three of his schoolmates at Brantford High School are detained together as punishment for various misdemeanours. It is while clearing the school’s basement that they find the multi-player  video game and hit start playing. They are then immersed in intense gameplay and find themselves in a deep jungle.

Character Development

Each of the four main characters assumes an avatar. Spenser is portrayed as a tough, well-built explorer called Dr. Smolder Bravestone while Fridge is a zoologist named Mouse. Bethany is a male cartographer depicted as an overweight character while Martha is a beautiful martial art expert and war commando.

The movie is set deep in the jungle where the characters come across alien villains. Each has to use his or her power to either distract the villains or defeat them all together in an effort to win. There are menacing drums that characterize life in the forest. Towards the end, the drumming signifies that there could be another installment of the game series in future.

Great family movie

Anyone looking for comedic fun will find it at Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. It is especially great for older kids, thanks to the funny Black. In fact, people will be surprised at how family-friendly it is. On the flip side, some parents might be a little startled by some unnecessary sexual scenes and references such as the previously female Shelly having to use a penis to urinate.

The movie borrows ideas not only from its predecessor, but also carefully, yet likeably from other films in history. The result is an impressive piece that leaves you with eagerness to the next minute. Viewers will not be glued to the screen for the entire 124 minutes, but they will definitely find it a great watch on a boring weekend.

The inclusion of large animals such as horrible hippos, rhinos, and giant snakes helps keep excitement in the movie. It’s setting is in an unreal world affords the movie the epic feel. Children below 13 years may either fail to understand it or find it unpleasant altogether.


A modern family will find the amusing just as teenagers on a weekend sleepover will love it. Directors have to be credited for the great cinematic appeal throughout the scenes. Some people will find it rather taking too long to accomplish its objective.

The movie is generally good for viewers of all ages. A rating of 7 out of 10 may feel like a little bit exaggerated. Luckily, the fact that all these movie stars morph back and forth their natural selves saves it from scoring a 6. Catch it at your nearest theatre.

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