The Top 5 Survival Horror Games of All Time

The gaming industry has been struck by a plethora of survival horror games both in the past and currently. The games you are about to see are the best of all time. With scary video games, you may simply go out of your element and start combating with strange evil forces. The list in this article contains RPG video games, zombie, and addictive consoles.

Survival Horror Games

Resident Evil 4:

In Japan, this game is often called the Biohazard 4. Capcom Production Studio 4 is the developer of this amazing survival horror game. THQ Asia Pacific, Red Ant Enterprise, Nintendo Australia, Ubisoft, and Capcom have helped in the publishing of this game. Resident Evil 4 remains the 4th in a long series and has helped gamers to see the beauty of the game.

Resident Evil 2:

This is another great survival horror game that is often called Biohazard 2 in Japan. The ordinary release of Resident Evil 2 can be found on PS. It is another development of the great franchise called Resident Evil 2. The game took place in an American city of Raccoon that has its residents changed into zombies. The T-virus was responsible for the complete transformation of people into zombies.

Silent Hill 2:

Konami has been able to publish Silent Hill 2 successfully for the PS2. The Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo team did everything possible to make this survival horror game the best. As the second edition in the Silent Hill series, this game was unveiled in 2001. In December of the same year, the prolonged edition of the game was published for Xbox with certain features and incentives.

Dead Space:

EA Redwood Shores created this 2008 science fiction survival horror game for Xbox 360, PS3 and Microsoft Windows. In October of the same year, Dead Space was unleashed for all platforms. In the game, players will have to play the role of engineer Isaac Clarke. This experienced engineer will have to fight with Necromorphs and recreated dead creatures in an interstellar ship called USG Ishimura. After selling around two million copies, the game has received several negative reactions.

Fatal Frame:

In Japan, Fatal Frame is called Zero. In Europe, you will find the powerful survival horror game as Project Zero. Fatal Frame is designed by Grasshopper and Tecmo Manufacturer for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Xbox, and PS2. On 13 December 2001, the first edition of Fatal Frame was released for public consumption. Ever since then gamers have received several spin-offs and sequels from this amazing game.


Survival horror games are great when you have total control of the characters in them. The five games above will give you total control to move in your best interest. Above all, these games will tell you more about the value of survival in real life events. Most of the games are accessible on PS, Microsoft Windows, and even Nintendo. If you want to know more about the survival horror games of all time, then check the list above.

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