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Epic Games Is Hosting An $8 Million ‘Fortnite’ Summer Skirmish Series

Summer Skirmish

The creator of Fortnite has launched its developer-oriented competition called Summer Skirmish. For this amazing event, the company is giving out prize money worth of eight million dollars.

According to experts, the Fortnite Esports prize is a result of the one hundred million dollars investment that the company is willing to invest from Epic Games. This edition is categorically for the 2018/19 season alone.

The Summer Skirmish Series will last for a space of eight weeks according to the Epic Games source. The announcement did not come as a surprise because gamers have been expecting something large of this nature. At stake for the amazing competition is a sum of eight million dollars in value prize.

Reading from the Wednesday Epic Games announcement, the competition will commence this actual weekend. There will be a two hundred fifty thousand dollars Duos event that consists of Fortnite gamers and the community inventors. Epic has mentioned that there is every possibility for the competitors and format to alter from weekly.

Epic Games have previously announced that one hundred million dollars in prize pools will be assigned for the 2018/19 inaugural of the Fortnite Season 5. The company is planning to share the fund between several events at different phases of the competition globally. This will mark the first huge 2019 World Cup competition for Fortnite.

The event will be primarily cascaded on duo and solo play. The organizing company also mentioned that more opportunities will be unleashed for competitive teams. The qualification process will ensure this fall. Apart from the amazing creativity of Epic Games, players will be able to learn more things from the organizers.

Experts from the organizing company reiterated that they are anticipating competitive play in a unique way. Nevertheless, the strategy of the company to achieve its goal will be different and special. Epic Games is anticipating to concentrate on the bliss of watching and playing the game. In fact, being more inclusive is one of the biggest priorities of the organizers of this event.

Invitations for the Fornite’s inaugural event have already been dispatched to the required destination. The company will also release more information concerning the qualification process for gamers. With over one hundred and twenty-five million gamers, Fortnite is rated as one of the largest internet games.

If you are looking to design stuff and chill, Fortnite is recently created an innovative turf to achieve your goal. The organizing company is test-driving the beginning of its next season by releasing several mysterious events. This includes a hamburger mascot in the desert, papier-mâché llamas across Europe, temporal rifts and an in-game rocket launch.

If you want to participate in the Epic Games competition for the 2018/19 season, the kickoff begins between 13th and 15th of July. Community inventors and players are invited to enjoy this epic event and display their skills. For more details, you can hover over the Epic Games official website. It will be a great event to mark your weekend.

Fortnite Season 5 – Everything You Need to Know

By next week, it will be the turn of Fortnite Season 4 to wrap up. With mysterious rifts over the sky and June’s rocket launch, the release of Fortnite Season 5 is highly anticipated. Will there be any changes in the version five options? What is the significance of those rifts? In this content, you will be able to learn one or more things about the Fortnite Season 5 launch.

Fortnite Season 5

What Is The Significance Of The Rifts?

Some mysterious blue rifts started appearing due to the June’s 30th Rocket launch. This occurrence took place across the console’s map. One actual blue rift shock the whole world by appearing across the sky. However, the main blue sky rift has been broken down into two parts.

Right on the map, there is a plethora of smaller rifts spreading out in crystal clear images. Gamers have been noticing the sudden increase in size of these smaller rifts without appearing in the replay of the game. The phenomenon of the rifts is explained in several ways – time travel, aliens, portals or even wormholes.

What Is The Cost For This Season Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass is usually 9.99$ or 950 V-Bucks if there are no recent changes. When sold, they were about two skins unleashing from the Battle Pass of season four. Peradventure, there will be immediate incentives in the Fortnite Season 5.

It is important to know that downloading Fortnite is free. There are a lot of restricted incentives in the free Battle Pass of the game. It will help you to freely access every season’s events. This includes one hundred tiers and weekly incentives to earn.

When Will The Fortnite Season 5 Commence?

Immediately season four comes to an end, the next day will be the release for the version five. According to reliable sources, 4 a.m ET on July 12th will be the official time to release Fortnite Season 5. The fifth version will end on September 20 while lasting up to 10 weeks. Before the fifth season commences, the servers of the host will be down for proper maintenance.

Gamers will have the opportunity to down the latest version after one or two hours and discover alterations implemented. After the patch, you will have live accessibility to weekly alterations in an hour. When Fortnite Season 5 starts, every previous issue will be removed from the system.

Are There Going To Be Any Map Alterations?

Moisty Mire remains the spot where the rocket launch occurred. Gamers are only anticipating seeing some alterations in that actual area of the map. There may be some major changes on the map as well in different areas.

What Is Fortnite 5 Theme?

At the moment, it has not been confirmed on what the version five themes will look like. However, time travel has been one of the speculations from many players.

Without any iota of doubt, the Fortnite Season 5 will be filled with a gamut of surprises. From the themes to the skins and items disappearance, you can be sure to expect more new things.

Unity and IBM Partners Together To Bring Watson AI To Games

Unity and IBM is going into powerful collaboration. Both organizations will be unleashing an innovative and new program on the Unity platform. This new program will create an avenue for Unity apps to contain Watson cloud operations. This can be found in the likes of language clarification, speech of text and visual recognition. With SDK, it is facilitating for creators to have the opportunity of using artificial intelligence on a plethora of cloud-oriented operations.

Establishing The VR And AR Future Platform:

The gaming sector has greatly experienced first-hand the operations of both VR and AR. These operations have been successful in making players become excited in geolocation environments or virtual platforms such as galaxies. This is an avenue where real occurrences take place to boost creativity and innovation. These innovative concepts are currently applied in business environments to boost productivity and safety.

Businesses will have the opportunity to create worker training programs with the help of the VR concept. VR has the capability to show employees how to be effective in the virtual world without side effects. Field operators will have the opportunity to handle glasses or phones instead of 144hz gaming monitors to a given pipe item with the AR concept. It helps to inform operators on the actual problem of items.

The business sector is greatly appreciating the fast development of the VR and AR concept. These concepts help for great productivity in analysis, manufacturing, engineering, design and marketing. When talking about VR and AR, Unity remains the leading business in the industry. Unity is also fast becoming the new leader and model for the concepts mentioned above.

Unity And IBM Brings AI Technology To World:

The team of experts from Unity have recently agreed to go into partnership with IBM. The announcement is on the platitude of unveiling the IBM Watson Unity SDK. The new program will take effect majorly on the Unity Asset platform. History records that the new program has not occurred anywhere across the globe ever before.

Unity will be accepting the extension of creative artificial intelligence solutions on its mode of operation. On this note, creators will have the capability to introduce to the Unity platform Watson solutions. This means that cloud-oriented artificial intelligence solutions will be designed by several Unity creators across the globe to accommodate Watson without difficulties.

The Unity IBM Watson SDK Operation:

Unity creators and visionaries have the opportunity to design projects and games since the SDK concept now operate on the Asset Store. It will help to communicate with users, understand speech and natural language interpretation. The strong speech recognition abilities remain one of the big characteristic of the SDK. Creators will now have the accessibility to factual speech recognition with the help of communication solutions. This means that Unity projects will also have the potential to provide precise and recommendable speech solutions. In-game events can be created because gamer’s speech or voice will be recognized in the architecture. There are also language classification capabilities and strong language translation in the new project.

Acer Predator XG270HU 1440p144hz Monitor Review

In our modern life, gaming is continually becoming an important part of our lifestyle. Gaming is no-longer only done for pleasure and relaxation. It is also becoming an important aspect of the sport through competitive gaming. It is in competitive gaming that the monitor and frame of the gamer become so useful. For gamers seeking to keep up with the gameplay, a good monitor is a must. That is what Acer’s XG270HU gaming monitor offers – a super game’s frame rate and comfortable viewing. For anyone wishing to upgrade to 1440p 144hz monitor without but having to dig deeper into their pockets, then XG270HU is the ideal choice. Being part of the Acer’s Predator series, the monitor is of high quality.

Design and Features

The 144hz monitor is light with a metallic copper accenting at the bottom and on the stand. It has a bezel that will always trick you into believing it is smaller when the monitor is turned off.

The monitor has got a sturdy stand that ensures its stability. The stand snaps together thus making it easier to handle and carry around. It is able to be tilted up to fifteen degrees forward or even five degrees backward. Applying just a little effort will leave the monitor tilted to your desired angle.

The monitor contains XG270HU’S menu buttons which are now placed under the bezel. The menu provides an awesome navigating experience thanks to its full features with already existing five presets. For those who don’t like using presets, the menu is fully customizable to make sure users have the ultimate experience of their own.

Connecting ports and Interfaces

There are many connection options available on XG270HU. They include the DVI, Displayport and HDMI. On top of that, Acer also brings the cable for each one of them.

The monitor has built-in speakers which means you don’t have to stress looking for a sound system.

Display and performance

The AMD Free Sync ensures that the game’s frame rate can only be determined by the graphics card as opposed to fixed refresh rate. This has a net effect of eliminating screen tearing while also delivering even a smooth gaming experience.

The response time is really fast, about 1ms. It leaves good gamers with nice game experience.

The presence of 144hz refresh rate is something worth mentioning. Regardless of the central processing unit the user is using, the refresh rate works just perfect. This high refresh rate also works alongside Freesync, an AMD’s adaptive refresh technology. All these features add up to make predator XG270HU


  • Lack of side adjustability.
  • The monitor lacks USB ports which is a major setback.
  • Acer’s Predator series is expensive

It goes without saying that Acer Predator XG270HU 144hz Monitor has one of the best refresh rates in the market. So if you are looking for a monitor that gives real gaming experience without screen tearing or being blurred, then this 144hz monitor is a sure deal.

Therefore, this review assertively recommends this monitor to every prospective gamer out there who wants to experience an uninterrupted gameplay.