Epic Games Is Hosting An $8 Million ‘Fortnite’ Summer Skirmish Series

Summer Skirmish

The creator of Fortnite has launched its developer-oriented competition called Summer Skirmish. For this amazing event, the company is giving out prize money worth of eight million dollars.

According to experts, the Fortnite Esports prize is a result of the one hundred million dollars investment that the company is willing to invest from Epic Games. This edition is categorically for the 2018/19 season alone.

The Summer Skirmish Series will last for a space of eight weeks according to the Epic Games source. The announcement did not come as a surprise because gamers have been expecting something large of this nature. At stake for the amazing competition is a sum of eight million dollars in value prize.

Reading from the Wednesday Epic Games announcement, the competition will commence this actual weekend. There will be a two hundred fifty thousand dollars Duos event that consists of Fortnite gamers and the community inventors. Epic has mentioned that there is every possibility for the competitors and format to alter from weekly.

Epic Games have previously announced that one hundred million dollars in prize pools will be assigned for the 2018/19 inaugural of the Fortnite Season 5. The company is planning to share the fund between several events at different phases of the competition globally. This will mark the first huge 2019 World Cup competition for Fortnite.

The event will be primarily cascaded on duo and solo play. The organizing company also mentioned that more opportunities will be unleashed for competitive teams. The qualification process will ensure this fall. Apart from the amazing creativity of Epic Games, players will be able to learn more things from the organizers.

Experts from the organizing company reiterated that they are anticipating competitive play in a unique way. Nevertheless, the strategy of the company to achieve its goal will be different and special. Epic Games is anticipating to concentrate on the bliss of watching and playing the game. In fact, being more inclusive is one of the biggest priorities of the organizers of this event.

Invitations for the Fornite’s inaugural event have already been dispatched to the required destination. The company will also release more information concerning the qualification process for gamers. With over one hundred and twenty-five million gamers, Fortnite is rated as one of the largest internet games.

If you are looking to design stuff and chill, Fortnite is recently created an innovative turf to achieve your goal. The organizing company is test-driving the beginning of its next season by releasing several mysterious events. This includes a hamburger mascot in the desert, papier-mâché llamas across Europe, temporal rifts and an in-game rocket launch.

If you want to participate in the Epic Games competition for the 2018/19 season, the kickoff begins between 13th and 15th of July. Community inventors and players are invited to enjoy this epic event and display their skills. For more details, you can hover over the Epic Games official website. It will be a great event to mark your weekend.

Fortnite Season 5 – Everything You Need to Know

By next week, it will be the turn of Fortnite Season 4 to wrap up. With mysterious rifts over the sky and June’s rocket launch, the release of Fortnite Season 5 is highly anticipated. Will there be any changes in the version five options? What is the significance of those rifts? In this content, you will be able to learn one or more things about the Fortnite Season 5 launch.

Fortnite Season 5

What Is The Significance Of The Rifts?

Some mysterious blue rifts started appearing due to the June’s 30th Rocket launch. This occurrence took place across the console’s map. One actual blue rift shock the whole world by appearing across the sky. However, the main blue sky rift has been broken down into two parts.

Right on the map, there is a plethora of smaller rifts spreading out in crystal clear images. Gamers have been noticing the sudden increase in size of these smaller rifts without appearing in the replay of the game. The phenomenon of the rifts is explained in several ways – time travel, aliens, portals or even wormholes.

What Is The Cost For This Season Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass is usually 9.99$ or 950 V-Bucks if there are no recent changes. When sold, they were about two skins unleashing from the Battle Pass of season four. Peradventure, there will be immediate incentives in the Fortnite Season 5.

It is important to know that downloading Fortnite is free. There are a lot of restricted incentives in the free Battle Pass of the game. It will help you to freely access every season’s events. This includes one hundred tiers and weekly incentives to earn.

When Will The Fortnite Season 5 Commence?

Immediately season four comes to an end, the next day will be the release for the version five. According to reliable sources, 4 a.m ET on July 12th will be the official time to release Fortnite Season 5. The fifth version will end on September 20 while lasting up to 10 weeks. Before the fifth season commences, the servers of the host will be down for proper maintenance.

Gamers will have the opportunity to down the latest version after one or two hours and discover alterations implemented. After the patch, you will have live accessibility to weekly alterations in an hour. When Fortnite Season 5 starts, every previous issue will be removed from the system.

Are There Going To Be Any Map Alterations?

Moisty Mire remains the spot where the rocket launch occurred. Gamers are only anticipating seeing some alterations in that actual area of the map. There may be some major changes on the map as well in different areas.

What Is Fortnite 5 Theme?

At the moment, it has not been confirmed on what the version five themes will look like. However, time travel has been one of the speculations from many players.

Without any iota of doubt, the Fortnite Season 5 will be filled with a gamut of surprises. From the themes to the skins and items disappearance, you can be sure to expect more new things.

Water Calamity in Developing Countries

The water calamity and problems are increasing in developing countries and it is diverse and serious. This problem includes scarcity of natural drinking water in some areas, flooding, contamination of large and river dams and siltation of river systems. The problem of water calamity is more serious in developing countries compared to already developed countries. According to the Water Soften Reviews, 1.1 billion people across the developing countries are having insufficient access to hygienic and clean water and 1.8 million children die every year due to diarrhea caused by dirty water and 2.6 billion lacks in accessing to sanitation. There are steps that are been taken by the local authorities to solve the water calamity issues and this solution mainly focuses on issues of education, poverty, and poor governance.

water calamity

Access, Availability, and Challenges

Humans demand for clean and fresh water to drink and cook their food. So, there is a huge demand of clean water. But there is a huge scarcity of supply and demand in the developing countries and the level of water in developing countries is reducing drastically. In a bid to address the challenges, the organizations in developing countries are taking steps to focus on enhancing the supply of fresh and clean water, mitigating the demand and enabling reuse of water and recycling of water and installation of water softeners at points.

About 72% of illness is caused due to poor water quality and sanitation conditions in developing countries. It is also common in some developing countries for women and girls to walk miles to fetch water for their families and the water collectors weigh something around 20-25 KG. In the recent past, the use of water has significantly outpaced the rate of population growth in developing countries. People in developing countries are in need of more water than before and it is estimated that by the end of 2025, about 1.8 billion people across the world would face water calamity and water scarcity. The water calamity can be of two types, Physical Water Calamity or Low Quantity of Water and Economic Water Calamity or Low Quality of Water.

Physical Water Calamity

The most dominant feature of planet earth is the ocean which takes up to 70% of the planet’s surface and connected to major watersheds, lakes, and waterways whether through water cycles or water channels. According to the surveys, the natural water calamity of freshwater resources and demand for supplying water is already increasing and becoming a vital problem, especially in the developing countries. The level of freshwater resources are reducing and it has become less than 2.5% of the water on Earth and about 0.014% of fresh water is available underground for human use.

Economic Water Calamity

Economic water calamity actually applies to the areas or cultures where there is lack of financial resources or human capacity to invest in water sources so as to meet the local demand and supply of water. Water is actually available to those who are capable of paying for it or those in political power, thereby leaving millions of people across the world without access to fresh water. The regions and developing nations that are mostly affected by this type of water calamity include South and Central America, South East Asia and India. It is also equally important for you to highlight the crucial distinction between these two types of water calamity so that water can be available physically and the water resources can be improvised and distributed to those who need it.

Unity and IBM Partners Together To Bring Watson AI To Games

Unity and IBM is going into powerful collaboration. Both organizations will be unleashing an innovative and new program on the Unity platform. This new program will create an avenue for Unity apps to contain Watson cloud operations. This can be found in the likes of language clarification, speech of text and visual recognition. With SDK, it is facilitating for creators to have the opportunity of using artificial intelligence on a plethora of cloud-oriented operations.

Establishing The VR And AR Future Platform:

The gaming sector has greatly experienced first-hand the operations of both VR and AR. These operations have been successful in making players become excited in geolocation environments or virtual platforms such as galaxies. This is an avenue where real occurrences take place to boost creativity and innovation. These innovative concepts are currently applied in business environments to boost productivity and safety.

Businesses will have the opportunity to create worker training programs with the help of the VR concept. VR has the capability to show employees how to be effective in the virtual world without side effects. Field operators will have the opportunity to handle glasses or phones instead of 144hz gaming monitors to a given pipe item with the AR concept. It helps to inform operators on the actual problem of items.

The business sector is greatly appreciating the fast development of the VR and AR concept. These concepts help for great productivity in analysis, manufacturing, engineering, design and marketing. When talking about VR and AR, Unity remains the leading business in the industry. Unity is also fast becoming the new leader and model for the concepts mentioned above.

Unity And IBM Brings AI Technology To World:

The team of experts from Unity have recently agreed to go into partnership with IBM. The announcement is on the platitude of unveiling the IBM Watson Unity SDK. The new program will take effect majorly on the Unity Asset platform. History records that the new program has not occurred anywhere across the globe ever before.

Unity will be accepting the extension of creative artificial intelligence solutions on its mode of operation. On this note, creators will have the capability to introduce to the Unity platform Watson solutions. This means that cloud-oriented artificial intelligence solutions will be designed by several Unity creators across the globe to accommodate Watson without difficulties.

The Unity IBM Watson SDK Operation:

Unity creators and visionaries have the opportunity to design projects and games since the SDK concept now operate on the Asset Store. It will help to communicate with users, understand speech and natural language interpretation. The strong speech recognition abilities remain one of the big characteristic of the SDK. Creators will now have the accessibility to factual speech recognition with the help of communication solutions. This means that Unity projects will also have the potential to provide precise and recommendable speech solutions. In-game events can be created because gamer’s speech or voice will be recognized in the architecture. There are also language classification capabilities and strong language translation in the new project.

Acer Predator XG270HU 1440p144hz Monitor Review

In our modern life, gaming is continually becoming an important part of our lifestyle. Gaming is no-longer only done for pleasure and relaxation. It is also becoming an important aspect of the sport through competitive gaming. It is in competitive gaming that the monitor and frame of the gamer become so useful. For gamers seeking to keep up with the gameplay, a good monitor is a must. That is what Acer’s XG270HU gaming monitor offers – a super game’s frame rate and comfortable viewing. For anyone wishing to upgrade to 1440p 144hz monitor without but having to dig deeper into their pockets, then XG270HU is the ideal choice. Being part of the Acer’s Predator series, the monitor is of high quality.

Design and Features

The 144hz monitor is light with a metallic copper accenting at the bottom and on the stand. It has a bezel that will always trick you into believing it is smaller when the monitor is turned off.

The monitor has got a sturdy stand that ensures its stability. The stand snaps together thus making it easier to handle and carry around. It is able to be tilted up to fifteen degrees forward or even five degrees backward. Applying just a little effort will leave the monitor tilted to your desired angle.

The monitor contains XG270HU’S menu buttons which are now placed under the bezel. The menu provides an awesome navigating experience thanks to its full features with already existing five presets. For those who don’t like using presets, the menu is fully customizable to make sure users have the ultimate experience of their own.

Connecting ports and Interfaces

There are many connection options available on XG270HU. They include the DVI, Displayport and HDMI. On top of that, Acer also brings the cable for each one of them.

The monitor has built-in speakers which means you don’t have to stress looking for a sound system.

Display and performance

The AMD Free Sync ensures that the game’s frame rate can only be determined by the graphics card as opposed to fixed refresh rate. This has a net effect of eliminating screen tearing while also delivering even a smooth gaming experience.

The response time is really fast, about 1ms. It leaves good gamers with nice game experience.

The presence of 144hz refresh rate is something worth mentioning. Regardless of the central processing unit the user is using, the refresh rate works just perfect. This high refresh rate also works alongside Freesync, an AMD’s adaptive refresh technology. All these features add up to make predator XG270HU


  • Lack of side adjustability.
  • The monitor lacks USB ports which is a major setback.
  • Acer’s Predator series is expensive

It goes without saying that Acer Predator XG270HU 144hz Monitor has one of the best refresh rates in the market. So if you are looking for a monitor that gives real gaming experience without screen tearing or being blurred, then this 144hz monitor is a sure deal.

Therefore, this review assertively recommends this monitor to every prospective gamer out there who wants to experience an uninterrupted gameplay.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure review – Worth the Wait?

You might be thinking about watching ShowBox or any other movie today because you just want to have fun. We will let you know more about The Death Cure right now so you can better understand what you will be finding out if you watch this movie today.

Final Installment

This is the final instalment in the series called Death Cure is written by James Dashner. There are many constituent parts that you will see in any adventure and action film out there. You will also find out that everything will be very well laid out, which is something that happens with most action films out there. This seems to be a good film that you will watch for around two hours. Zombie features might spread out here and there, and you might have a lot of fun with them right here right now.

The plot is quite interesting with Vince and Thomas trying to liberate a prisoner in a train. They head to The Last City by following a wide array of clues trying to put their hands on Minho, and they do this because most things don’t go as they have planned. The W.C.K.D. is here established in this city, and the team will have to fight right here right now. They seem not to be affected by a virus that is spread around the world. The W.C.K.D. want to kill Minho with a lot of experiments, and the friends of this man are working hard to rescue him.

Decent-to-good Effects

Maze Runner: The Death has a lot of good things, and the effects are decent-to-good. These are other things that you will see here:

  • The Maze Runner: The Death story will move along very well.
  • The story behind Maze Runner: The Death is not original at all.
  • Fans of the film and of the book will find Maze Runner: The Death truly enjoyable.

If you want to find something original in Maze Runner: The Death`s plot, you have to look elsewhere. Maze Runner: The Death has nothing original, yet it is not a bad film at all. You just have to live with this reality if you are going to watch Maze Runner: The Death today.

O`Brien will move on to perform many other roles, and this is one of the most interesting things behind Maze Runner: The Death today. The star of this man has a solid potential that you will love to follow up today if you are a fan of Maze Runner: The Death. The movie is full of nonsense, yet it might appeal to its fans over time too. The action-packed film seems to be here to stay for a long time.


The main characters of The Death Cure want to find a cure for a virus called Flare, and they are working hard to achieve this goal over time too. Thomas and tons of his friends figure out a plan to enter into a city called the Last City because they want to rescue Minho. The Flare virus has killed half of the world`s population, and the main characters of the movie want to avoid a catastrophe over time.

What We Like

  • The Death Cure will give you the non-stop action that you want to see in movies such as this one.
  • The escape scenes are just awesome, and you will truly love them.
  • Delivering on the powerful action front is what The Death Cure is all about, and the fans of this movie will love this too.
  • The Death Cure is also full of combat, which is truly great.
  • The cast is very well selected, yet you might not make sense of the mess around them.

What We Don’t Like

  • The cast might not seem to be working properly in many scenes.
  • You might not remember who knows who and things like that.

The Death Cure is here to stay because it has a lot of action scenes that you will truly love. Remember that The Death Cure is the last part of a 3-movie series, yet you will find a lot of good things here. The plot of this movie is not very well made, yet you can have fun with The Death Cure today. This movie is here to stay for a long time because it has all you need to have fun, and you will not have to spend a lot of money to watch this movie. The plot is quite good if you think about it.

Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Review

Marvel has never disappointed and judging from the Avengers: Infinity War trailer released at the end of last year they are not about to start. In the trailer we see Thanos arriving in New York City, some of our favourite heroes and heroines seemingly fall off their pedestal and possibly, the climactic battle for the universe takes place in Wakanda. The crossover seems to be the ultimate showdown that has been complemented by a ten-year cinematic journey. The trailer has debuted new characters, new looks and most importantly new information about the Marvel universe, and at the same time raised some burning questions. While this review might not give all the information down to the detail, here are some of the things you should expect.

The change in costumes

In the course of the trailer, it’s obvious that some characters have upgraded their looks. Vision, in the trailer, seems to have switched from synthezoid to human using the infinity stone. Peter Parker seems to have taken Tony’s offer and embraced the Spider Iron suit. The costume looks like a crossover between the comics and the Ben Reilly’s saga near the end of the Clone Saga. If this does not make sense, you have some catching up to do. The new costume links Spiderman: Homecoming, by the way, they can still put in the clone saga reference in the movie, and we will still be excited about it. That’s the amount of goodwill Spiderman: Homecoming has garnered for Marvel. Since the first footage of the Infinity war, there have been speculations about Captain America’s beard. In the movie Cap may or may not have a beard, but we’ll see. Thor has not exactly changed his look, but the eye patch at the end of Ragnarok can be seen here too.

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New characters

In one of the scenes, The Black Panther seems to be fighting an alien known as the Outrider. A breed of alien trained by Thanos to be assassins. They first debuted in Jim Cheung’s and Jonathan Hickman epic Infinity Crossover. For the very first time, Proxima Midnight has been introduced into Marvel’s cinematic world. Proxima uses a spear which does not miss and kills on contact, which probably makes her one of Thanos’ Black Order. We see the badass fighter throwing the spear at Cap who promptly catches it. She is married to Glaive who is second in command to Thanos and one of the members of Thanos’ the Black Order. Glaive is untouchable as long as his golden arc stands. In the trailer, we see someone forcing the infinity stone out of Vision’s forehead; there is a high chance this is Glaive. The trailer also gives us an insight into some new teams which could only mean one thing; the Avengers characters will be changed.

Thanos and The Gauntlet

Based on the little information we have from the trailer, it is hard to predict his plan, Collect all the infinity stones and use them against the Avengers or for other reasons. In one shot we see Loki handing over the Tesseract to Thanos, from the first Avengers movie, the Tesseract is the space stone. That’s what Loki grabbed at the end of Ragnarok from Odin’s vault. Thanos drops the stone on the gauntlet alongside the power stone. The Mind stone is soon going to be on the gauntlet too which means things could get more interesting than we expect.

The Verdict

In the next two Marvel movies set to be released, there are some characters who will be eliminated, and some tears will be shed as promised by the producers. Despite this significant change bound to happen, they will still be left with a world the audiences knows and loves. They will probably introduce new characters that will have over twenty movies in line. What about Thanos? The resolution is set to be epic, but there is a high chance that Thanos and Avengers will unite to fight judge Arshem.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle: Movie Review

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is the second installment of Jumanji, with the first installment having been produced in 1995. Set in the deep jungle, it was written majorly by Chris McKenna and directed by Jake Kasdan. Its release in late 2017 revealed stars such as Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Nick Jonas, Karen Gillan and Bobby Cannavale.

Movie’s Beginning

The movie starts with a teenager receiving a board game that his father had discovered on a beach. Since no one played board games anymore, his father had cast it aside, but it miraculously turns into a video game (that the teenager loves).

The teenager and three of his schoolmates at Brantford High School are detained together as punishment for various misdemeanours. It is while clearing the school’s basement that they find the multi-player  video game and hit start playing. They are then immersed in intense gameplay and find themselves in a deep jungle.

Character Development

Each of the four main characters assumes an avatar. Spenser is portrayed as a tough, well-built explorer called Dr. Smolder Bravestone while Fridge is a zoologist named Mouse. Bethany is a male cartographer depicted as an overweight character while Martha is a beautiful martial art expert and war commando.

The movie is set deep in the jungle where the characters come across alien villains. Each has to use his or her power to either distract the villains or defeat them all together in an effort to win. There are menacing drums that characterize life in the forest. Towards the end, the drumming signifies that there could be another installment of the game series in future.

Great family movie

Anyone looking for comedic fun will find it at Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. It is especially great for older kids, thanks to the funny Black. In fact, people will be surprised at how family-friendly it is. On the flip side, some parents might be a little startled by some unnecessary sexual scenes and references such as the previously female Shelly having to use a penis to urinate.

The movie borrows ideas not only from its predecessor, but also carefully, yet likeably from other films in history. The result is an impressive piece that leaves you with eagerness to the next minute. Viewers will not be glued to the screen for the entire 124 minutes, but they will definitely find it a great watch on a boring weekend.

The inclusion of large animals such as horrible hippos, rhinos, and giant snakes helps keep excitement in the movie. It’s setting is in an unreal world affords the movie the epic feel. Children below 13 years may either fail to understand it or find it unpleasant altogether.


A modern family will find the amusing just as teenagers on a weekend sleepover will love it. Directors have to be credited for the great cinematic appeal throughout the scenes. Some people will find it rather taking too long to accomplish its objective.

The movie is generally good for viewers of all ages. A rating of 7 out of 10 may feel like a little bit exaggerated. Luckily, the fact that all these movie stars morph back and forth their natural selves saves it from scoring a 6. Catch it at your nearest theatre.

Lindsay Lohan Continues Her Batgirl Campaign

Did you just say Lindsay Lohan is campaigning for her role as Batgirl in the upcoming thriller? Wow! That sounds remarkable. Nonetheless, just drop you eye glasses for a minute and have a look at Lindsay Lohan twitter account. It is a picture of less than a hundred words and a thousand actions. She is already in and she may get the role sooner than we can imagine. She is already in the train heading to Movie Theater, haters wake up lets pursue her ruthlessly.


What is her background like?

Lindsay Dee Lohan is not such a popular figure when it comes to lovers of soap operas but wait and see her take on this Batgirl role by storm. Born and raised in America, with one sister and a brother, the Lohan’s, she is a popular singer and a fashion designer. Imagine at only 12 years old she was in Disney blockbuster, The Parent Trap, and this paved many ways for her until the recent movies.


You may think it is the imaginary term “gossip” about Lindsay, no it’s her song. This is one of the worst reasons to give someone attention when they twit informing you that they got rumor about Lindsay. This sense of mystery makes her a perfect facade for the job. I lend her 4 out of 5 points in her aspirations to role play and on account that she can “rumor” in the Batgirl role and leave us thrilled.

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Would you twit her?

Whether true or not that Lindsay simulated us into believing she is looking forward to play Joss Whedon’s Batgirl role, I mean no harm stating that she would need serious class lessons from both haters and fanatics at equal and reliable measures. I or maybe you also, have no idea at this point if anybody is seriously being considered for that role in the production team. Can anyone twit Lindsay and let her clarify on this? Seeing, her tweet being retweeted a little over 2,200 times, she seems to have some supporters. It may seem jeering, but with a twitter follower count of nearly 9 million, it is fairly promising.

Any points to score?

The tag, Harry Potter, is a household name in American, Britain and European nations and it’s a growing trend in Africa. In 2017, the acclaimed “Batgirl” scored her first masterwork goal in the UK comedy entitled Sick Note alongside co-star actor Rupe Grint of the infamous Harry Potters house. With such a resume, why would Warner Bros Company not hire her? No one cheers failure unless foolhardy, and I may ridicule Lindsay since I don’t recognize her, but gazing at her profile makes me drool with joy and await to say “hi” or ‘guten morgen’ to her facial expression.

A Yes or No for the Batgirl

Does anybody understands the pain of seeing his or her parents’ divorce? In 2007, that is what bowed Lindsay, and she went ahead to take up the responsibility of nurturing her siblings. It’s not such a good obligation since one can lose social moments and it might have destroyed some social cells in her body, my thinking. Again, she naturally plays out as unpredictable and a hard to deal with character making her perfect batgirl.

Is this the end of Chris Hemsworth as Thor?

Chris Hemsworth has over the last decade become a household name in movies. Having starred in a number of movies, the actor has made exemplary progress in science fiction. After the signing with Marvel, the writer has managed to achieve extraordinary success as the character Thor. Having gained a great number of fans, it has come as a disappointment that the actor’s role as Thor in Avengers 4 will be his last. This will mark his completion of his contract with Marvel. Upon this revelation, the public, more so his fans have been left to wonder if this will be the end of Marvel’s Thor.

Chris Hemsworth’s Marvel Contract Is Ending with Avengers 4

Avengers 4 is one of the most anticipated movies this 2018. This is owing to the movie sequel’s plot with Thanos as the main villain. The movie promises Thanos being the greatest villain the Avengers have ever faced. This movie in the same breath marks the end of an era in the Marvel universe. With most of the Avenger’s characters facing the potential completion of their roles in Marvel, the movie may very well mark the end of the Avengers. Thor has been one of the main characters in the Avenger’s team and will most definitely be missed if he leaves behind his role as the character Thor.

What’s next?

There has been chatter however following last year’s release in marvels Thor: Ragnarok. being the third in the Thor sequel and predicted to be the last, rumors indicate that Marvel may be thinking of releasing a continuation of the same in Thor 4.whether this will come to be is a wait and see in the not so near future. To the fans, the end of the contract has been a disappointment especially in the characters comments on interview questions. Chris Hemsworth has been quoted stating that his contract is over and he won’t is playing the character again. This has made most fans wonder whether his time with Marvel has not been pleasant hinting at an uninterested Chris Hemsworth. The character can however not be counted out just yet. The actor Robert Downey Jr was also considered having left his work with Marvel as the iron man after the end of his contract. This was however short-lived as he made his appearance back into Marvel in Avengers and holding on to the much-awaited infinity war. The question now burning at the back of most Marvel fans mind is what is next. What is next for Marvel and what can we expect in the coming years now that most of the characters may not be coming back.

CheckAvengers: Infinity War Trailer Review

Chris Hemsworth has been a great actor as the character Thor without a doubt. It is difficult to imagine anyone else playing the same role. His contract binding him to six films is now at an end with the release of Avengers: infinity war. His role as the son of Odin and God of thunder may be in its finality but until further notice, this cannot be known for sure. For most Marvel fans, the hope is that Chris Hemsworth’s character stays alive as they face Thanos in the hope that he will reappear in the near future. In case he survives Avengers 4, it is highly likely that we will see Thor again, Chris Hemsworth, however, is another case of wait and see.